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Neko Girl Pink Hoodie

Neko Girl Pink Hoodie

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Neko Girl Pink Hoodie - Introducing The World's Most Lewd Crop Hoodie 😻

Gasp! "Is that a neko girl doing an ahegao face", you ask? Well, yes it is! Stay cozy, look cute, and keep it lewd with our cutest top, the Neko Girl Pink Hoodie 🤗  Order yours now while supplies last! Meow! 

Neko Girl Pink Hoodie DETAILS:

- We use pastel colors in all our designs. Not only are our pastel colors cute and great to shoot with, but they also grab instant attention!

- Our pink crop hoodies are made out of Cotton Blend Brush 280, which means they’re wrinkle-free and anti-shrink!

- Fabric Type: Knitted ( Quality, people, quality ☺️)

- Raw hem

- Our hoodies are cropped! You know, we had to give it a lil lewdness 😏 

*Model is wearing an EXTRA SMALL

* NEXT-DAY SHIPPING = Next Business Day

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