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Kawaii Neko Girl Lewd Top

Kawaii Neko Girl Lewd Top

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Side Split Top

Kawaii Neko Girl Lewd Top - Your Side Profile Has Never Looked This Cute!

We’re giving t-shirts a much-needed lewd make-over. Look cute n’ lewd, on and off-camera. Limited supply, waiting to be exclusively yours 🥰  Order Your very Own Kawaii Neko Girl Lewd Top Today!

Kawaii Neko Girl Lewd Top - DETAILS:

-Oversized style. Wear it as a cute dress! See sizing info for more details

- Sides are split! We're taking lewd'n'cute to a whole new level! 🥰

- Super lite, made out of polyester

- We use pastel colors in all our designs. Not only are our pastel colors cute and great to shoot with, but they also grab instant attention!

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