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Lewd Blue Cosplay Panties

Lewd Blue Cosplay Panties

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Can You Imagine How Cute You'll Look In These Lewd Blue Cosplay Panties?

These Cute Lewd Blue Cosplay Panties are a must-have! Especially if you're just starting out with Lewd Cosplay! If you don't already own a pair of these, you are seriously missing out! They're also super cute! You'll love how you'll feel when you're wearing them 🤗  Order Yours Now While Supplies Last!

Lewd Blue Cosplay Panties DETAILS:

- Made of high-quality cotton and spandex -- which means you'll find them super soft. They're also so breathable. You'll never want to take them off!

One Size (XS - SMALL)
    Waistline: 55 to 80cm/21.65 to 31.5inch, Front middle length: 20cm/7.87inch

Lewd Fashion Tip: Looking to step up your Tik Tok game? Nothing gets their attention more than a cute e-girl in a pair of cute Lewd Cosplay! Order Yours Now While Supplies Last!

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