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Lewd Drip T-Shirt

Lewd Drip T-Shirt

Size Guide
Lewd T-Shirt Size Guide

THE LEWD DRIP T-SHIRT — When You're A Heart Throb & You Make Em' Drizzle 💕 🤑

You ready to make your fans Drip Drip while they Tip Tip? Whether it’s for social media, Valentine's Day Photo Shoot, or a day out with the girls, this top will be one you’ll cherish for real. Order your very own Lewd Drip T-Shirt while supplies last!


- We use pastel colors in all our designs. Not only are our pastel colors cute and great to shoot with, but they also grab instant attention!

- Our t-shirts are made out of 100% cotton -- which means they’re super soft and comfy. It’ll feel so lite, you’ll feel like you're wearing almost nothing.

- Our t-shirts are oversized. How fun are oversized shirts, right?

- The design on the front is our very own creation. It’s simple, cute, and trust me, it’s going to bring you insta engagement 🤑💰💖 Order Yours Now While Supplies Last!