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Lewd Fairy Panties

Lewd Fairy Panties

You'll Enchant Your Fans With These Super Cute Lewd Fairy Panties 🧚🏻‍♀️🥰 

Our Lewd Fairy Panties are perfect for a naughty elf, sexy princess, or innocent maid cosplay.  They look amazing on those curves, too 😏  Order Yours Now While Supplies Last! 

Lewd Fairy Panties DETAILS:

Front Design:Soft transparent lace panties threaded with two cute peach-colored ribbons-- so kawaii!

Back Design:Sheer mesh skirt at the back teases just how naughty you can be.

Materials:Polyester is super soft on the skin and very stretchy!

Size:Waist 60-70cm, Hip 95cm