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Lewd Panties

Lewd Panties

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Lewd Panties Size Guide

Introducing Lewd Panties -- The World's Softest Panties 🥰

Aside from looking super cute, you’re about to be very LEWD! Also, say goodbye to your Calvin’s too, these Lewd Panties are super soft and super breathable! Order yours now while supplies last!


- Made out of Milk Silk, which is an ethically produced 100% organic material
- Milk Silk is ideal for people with sensitive skin
- Because of Milk Silk's organic properties, these panties are anti-bacterial and anti-allergic!
- Milk Silk is Environmental Friendly! It uses way less water than traditional cotton

Also, these stretchy babies are super soft and super breathable! Fit for a thirst trap queen who's conscientious about the environment and loves them some lewd anime!

* See Our Size Chart For Size Info

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