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Lewd Pastel Rose Bikini

Lewd Pastel Rose Bikini

Lewd Pastel Rose Bikini — Hot Summer Beach Vibes In Your Bedroom 👅 🤤

Bring the beach to your bedroom for your next cosplay photoshoot. Our Lewd Pastel Rose Bikini screams classical Japanese anime swimwear. This look will most definitely resonate with the ever-growing anime-crazed community! Tap into this goldmine today-- Or you could just look cute AF at the beach...just sayin' 😏  Order Yours While Supplies Last!

Lewd Pastel Rose Bikini Details:

* Polyester Cotton Blend - Our Pastel Rose Bikini is super soft and comfy.
* Pastel Rose lies somewhere in between pastel red and rosebud on the color scale. This pastel shade will surely become one of your favorite colors!
* Low Rise Fit. Let's just say we made these a lil' lewd by making them a lil' extra low rise 🤑
* ONE SIZE FITS ALL: SIZING INFOBUST: 56-130cm /22.0-51.0 inch | WAIST: 64-98cm / 25.0-38.5 inch

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