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Lewd Pasties - 2Pack

Lewd Pasties - 2Pack

Take Your Underboob Game To The Next Level With Our Lewd Pasties 😍

Introducing Lewd Pasties! Show some underboob while looking super cute. Plus, beating nasty censorship while your social media skyrockets is total WINNING! 😏🤑💰  Order Yours Now While Supplies Last!

Lewd Pasties DETAILS: 

1. Your new Lewd Pasties are basically super cute stickers that you can paste on your private parts. They're really sticky but really safe. 😌

2. Your new Lewd Pasties are made out of spandex, which means they're super stretchy.

3. Your new Lewd Pasties are a great way to make a fun statement! We have pasties for almost every occasion! 

4. Each package comes in two pairs (4 individual pasties).

Lewd Fashion Tip: Pair Up Your Lewd Pasties With One of Our Crop Tops! Order Yours Now While Supplies Last!

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