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Lewd Waifu Mesh Crop Top

Lewd Waifu Mesh Crop Top

Size Guide
Lewd Waifu Mesh Crop Top Size Guide

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Your New Lewd Waifu Mesh Crop Top Was Designed To Get You Instant Attention. Inspired by yandere anime, you’re also likely to be the next e-girl to start trending. Get noticed today with your very own Lewd Waifu Mesh Crop Top! Order Yours Now While Supplies Last!⁠

Lewd Waifu Mesh Crop Top DETAILS:

- Your Lewd Waifu Mesh Crop Top is made out of rayon and spandex -- which means it's super soft. You'll love the way it feels on your skin.

Lewd Fashion Tip: Your New Lewd Waifu Mesh Crop Top allows you to be versatile! Wear it while you're making your next TikTok video or wear it when you're at a formal gathering! We guarantee it'll become your new favorite piece!