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Shimapan Thong
Shimapan Thong

Lewd Shimapan Thong - We've Taken Your Favorite Panties and Made Them Even Better. 🥰

What's not to love about the Lewd Shimapan Thong? We've redefined every E-girls favorite panties by making them cuter, luxurious, and lewd! Whether it's for a photoshoot, spicy stream, or an anime convention, your new Lewd Shimapan Thong will become your go-to for almost every occasion. So go ahead and show off your assets with confidence. Order Yours Now While Supplies Last!


-Exclusive! We redesigned the classic shimpan panties with a thong cut in mind 🥰

-Best pink tone ever. Trust me, we spent a lot of time on getting the perfect pink. Unsurprisingly, it matches our logo's colors 💖

- Made out of Milk Silk, which is an ethically produced 100% organic material
- Milk Silk is ideal for people with sensitive skin
- Because of Milk Silk's organic properties, these panties are anti-bacterial and anti-allergic!
- Milk Silk is Environmental Friendly! It uses way less water than traditional cotton

* See Our Size Chart For Size Info

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