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Lewd Waifu Thong

Lewd Waifu Thong

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Lewd Ahegao Thong Panty
Lewd Ahegao Thong Panty

Our Lewd Waifu Thong is perfect when you want to look super cute and just a Lil lewd.

Our Lewd Waifu Thong is the perfect blend of super cute and Lil lewd. Wear them on your next lewd cosplay photoshoot — you’ll be amazed at how well you’ll be received by your fans! Order Yours Now While Supplies Last!

Lewd Waifu Thong DETAILS:

  • Designed for you to look and feel hottt, on and off camera 🤑
  • Heavenly-smooth, delicate feel
  • Fits like it was made just for you
  • 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex is real breathable
  • Highly detailed design— when you want to be LEWD in 4K 😏

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